"Cordless Drill DWC18 Li 5.2Ah"
This drywall gun was made for serious work. Equipped with a magazine attachment for using commonly available collated screws. It has on-demand push and drive system that eliminates holding a trigger, electronic cut-off and precision depth control. Quiet, efficent, and accurate for faster installs with less fatigue. Includes: 18.0 Volt 5.2Ah Li Battery 2x, TCL 3 Multi-volt Charger, Magazine Attachment, Depth Stop, Belt Clip, Scaffolding Holder, Magnetic Bit Holder, PH2 Bit, PH2 Elongated Bit 2x, Rubberized Battery Frame 2x, & systainer SYS 2 TLOC
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"Cordless Drill DWC18 Li 5.2Ah"

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