Cordless eccentric sander ETSC 125 Li-Plus

Sanding freedom

Effortlessly transition from corded to cordless without compromising performance. Balanced with a unique ergonomic battery for optimum performance and handling. The ETSC 125 provides the same functionality of its corded counterpart but with hybrid power options - use it cordless or corded. The 18-volt Ergo battery provides up to 30 minutes of runtime at full power. Work virtually dust-free with Jetstream® dust extraction technology to ensure a cleaner surface and work environment with longer abrasive life for better sanding results. Integrated, removable Protector provides protection to abutting surfaces as well as the pad for up close sanding applications.

  • Hybrid power source - corded or cordless operation
  • Ergo battery for balance and ergonomics
  • Jetstream® dust extraction for cleaner surfaces and work environment
  • 30 minute recharge for 18-volt, 3.1 Ah battery (with TCL 6 charger)
  • Protector guard protects pad and abutting surfaces from damage

Plus Version

Includes: Cordless Sander, Edge Protector, StickFix Soft Sanding Pad, Long-life dust bag, 2x BP 18V 3.1 ERGO battery pack, TCL 6 Rapid Charger in SYS 2 T-Loc.
Does Not Include: Line Adapter or Plug-it cord.

  • Item #: 201530

Cordless eccentric sander ETSC 125 Li-Plus

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